Wasteland Paradise is the brain child of Kelsey Ramage & Iain Griffiths' love for all things wild, unhinged and of course, anti waste! Seeing the need for an late-night industry safe space that was inclusive, and got everyone off the bar and on the dance floor, these parties are for everyone and anyone who feels the need for a good ol' knees up celebrating all life.

Having travelled the world through out 2017, the pair saw the message of their Trash Tiki brand reach beyond the typical craft cocktail environment and into all corners of the world from the home bartender to late nights clubs and parties.

After a hugely successful tropical rave in Berlin, the pair are now taking their late-disco brand, Wasteland Paradise, on the road to a number of cities globally. Often coinciding with cocktail conferences and meetups, this time the message is not just about the environmental impact of a food & drinks, but also championing parties that offer an inclusive, safe space for all.

Most parties following the launch will also have a theme, with the aim that Wasteland Paradise becomes a platform to highlight certain issues and champion those who are working to address and change the world for the better.

Kelsey says, "The chance to bring the anti waste message into another space of the food & drink world is just so exciting, however this time to be going beyond that and looking at some of the other issues that are important both to our industry and myself personally, well I'm just stoked to bring Wasteland Paradise to life and hopefully it can be part of furthering those conversations"

Griffiths added, "If there is one goal with all this, it's to take the bartenders off a pedestal and have people, drinks and music all on the same (elevated) level. There is never been a greater need for community then right now, and we just want to throw some rad parties that celebrate these communities in all its glory."

Please Note: All Wasteland Paradise parties operate with a safe space policy that includes gender neutral bathrooms. Anyone seen to be making others feel like less than their fabulous selves will be immediately removed. Don't be a jerk.

And don't forget: Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance. We'll see YOU on the dance floor!